My first professional art training began in New York City, where I attended the High School of Music and Art and the Student's Art League. I studied figurative drawing, painting composition and perspective. I continued to study drawing and painting at Choinard Institute in Los Angeles.
   My early professional training was influenced by Frank Reilly and other art instructors who guided me gently, but firmly, onto my own personal pathway. Although my art education was rather formal in instruction, I felt free to explore my personal imagery as well as exploring a wide range of subjects and mediums.
   I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of California, in Northridge. I majored in Education and Fine Arts. I received a Teacher's Credential as well as a Special Credential to teach Art. I continued to study fine arts, printmaking and was involved in the Art Education Masters Program for five years.
   I began teaching art classes and workshops twenty-five years ago. I worked for the Los Angeles School District and taught elementary school for seven years. I began to teach drawing and painting to children as well as adults in California. When I moved to Oregon I was hired by Gold Beach High School to teach art classes. I began my career as a art teacher for adult education at the Southwestern Community College in North Bend. Presently, I teach classes and workshops at Lane Community College, Maude Kerns Art Center, and OASIS Senior Program. Like my early mentors, I combine teaching the formal principles of art and encourage my students to explore their personal artistic visions.
   Each year painting becomes more meaningful and necessary to me. I become emotionally involved with my subjects and seek to extract and record its spiritual nature through color, design and movement. For me, where there is life there is art; where there is art, there is life.