Mercado Senoras Mujer Plantas Tejado Towers
El Mercado Dos Senores La Mujer
con Bolsa
Las Plantas Enencima
del Tejado
Los Edificios
de Mexico
El Patio

Ancient Courtyard Escaleras Guonajuato Tres
Ancient Sounds Courtyard Escaleras Guonajuato Tres
Flores La Madre Muchachas Abuelas
Flores La Senora Madre Dos

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Artist's Statement on Images of Mexico

   My trips through Mexico expanded my visual and spiritual experiences. My environment was full of vibrant and explosive colors. I walked around on cobblestone streets and sketched the wonderful rich architectural structures adorned with statues of saints and intricate carved designs. I painted the Mexican people shopping in the marketplace, working on their daily tasks, or sitting in the plaza chatting with a friend. Many people still wear their traditional clothes such as the roboza, wide brimmed hats, blouses and skirts trimmed with colorful embroidery and intricate designs.
   However, my primary change was of a spiritual nature. When I climbed the ancient pyramids or when I gazed at the ancient carvings and sculptures, I felt myself going back in time. Frequently, I would become so overwhelmed with emotion that I would cry as I watched the religious ceremonies. The church bells rang as flower petals drifted into the air. The padre emerged from the church followed by the elders carrying flowers and candles singing songs and chanting prayers.
   The music and art in Mexico expresses the spirit of the people. Everything is art; the doorknobs, street lights, dishes, balloons, fountains, doors and windows are all decorated with beautiful designs. Musicians play their guitars in the park, on the bus, and in the cafes.
   This art exhibit "Images of Mexico" is a culmination of all the wonderful visual and spiritual feelings I experienced when I visited Mexico each summer from 1991-1999. Each year I once again embark on another trip to Mexico. I always return from Mexico with renewed creative energy. I have also learned to understand and appreciate the beauty of the Mexican culture. All these positive experiences has increased my internal spiritual awareness and my external visual appreciation of all my surroundings.

   Ellen Gabehart/Artist
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