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Artist's Statement on Musicians

   I embarked into the journey of visual arts at the High School of Music and Art located in New York City. While listening to many musical assemblies, I found the musical notes deciphered unique images and colors. With my pencils, pens and colored chalks tried to capture my first rudimentary compositions of musical images. In addition, I observed that the musician's instruments were beautiful art forms in themselves and fanatically drew each instrument until I understood the intricate composition of each part. On Saturdays, I boarded the El train and subways to 42nd street in Manhattan to attend the figure drawing sessions at the Student's Art League. At the League, my aim was to capture the fast moving gesture of the models quickly and accurately.
   Frank Reilly, as well as my other first art instructors, guided me gently but firmly onto my own personal pathway. Although the art instruction I received was rather formal, I felt free to explore my personal imagery within a wide range of subjects and mediums.
   Although I attempted to paint a variety of subjects, painting musicians and the aura of their music continued to fascinate me. The colors of the musical notes and rhythmic beats the of music constantly continues to capture my imagination. As I watch the musicians create sounds, my inner eye captures their rhythmic patterns, abstract forms and color sounds that play into my heart and mind. The instruments, each a perfect art creation, become integrated with the musicians heartbeat . Although the musicians create music together, each musician is surrounded by his or her aura, as the music flows in and out of each figure and into each other.
   I have sketched and painted musicians wherever I have traveled or resided; jazz ensembles in San Francisco, Gold Beach Honky Tonk Bars, Folk music at Eugene's Saturday Market, Willamette Folk Festival, the WOW Hall, Black Forest Inn, B.J. Kelly's, and other music hangouts, some that are long gone. I also painted the musicians at the Bach and Mozart Festivals at Beall Hall and the Hult Center. In San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where I resided for six months, I painted Peruvian and Mexican musicians in the theaters, parks and on the streets. I hope you enjoy the show and hear the music in my paintings.

   Ellen Gabehart/Artist
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